Google Trends for Cremation

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Think you are offering your customers what they want?  Are you using your gross sales and net income to be your guide?  If you are, you are too late and you will join the trend of death care providers that are loosing market share to more savvy marketers.

Cremation Trends:

We all know by now that cremation is on the rise while many funeral directors are only now waking up to the consumer demand.  The National Cremation Research Council conducted a study of cremation rates in the United States and compared the trends to that of google search results (shown below).  You will see the consumer demand rising with the national trends in cremation.




A state to state comparison of cremation search trends is representative of the states where cremation rates are the highest nationally.   When we look at individual states at a more granular level, including metroplitan areas and cities, cremation is growing rapidly and it appears that the only barrier is the decreasing mortality rate.

google-cremation-mapAs with any industry, business owners and marketers should be aware of how Google Trends can assist them in meeting their customers demands to meet their sales goals.  For example, during this review of Google trends to cremation rates, the following related keywords show marked increases by consumers:

      • Cremation Cost
      • Cremation Services
      • Cremation Society
      • Crematory
      • Animal Cremation
      • Pet Cremation
      • Neptune Cremation Services (Neptune is a nationwide cremation provider owned by SCI)

Chris Nuzum, CFSP is the Executive Director of the National Cremation Research Council, NCRC and serves as the Chairman for its parent organization, the National Funeral Council. He is a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer and assists funeral and cremation providers with market research data, marketing and advertising plans and business growth strategies.  Google, Neptune Cremation Services and Service Corp International (SCI) are registered trademarks of their respective brands.  This commentary is independent of those brands and mention of a particular company or brand does not constitute an endorsement, affliliation or performance by the brands owners, the National Cremation Research Council or Mr. Nuzum.

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